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Tea Party Guilty of Treason

August 7, 2011

We’ve entered a new phase in American politics where political leaders demonstrate that they have no business representing the hopes and interests of the American people.  With Congress at a well-deserved new low in the latest polls, republican pit bulls are grinding their teeth and foaming angrily at the mouth about how Obama is to blame for Standard and Poor’s credit downgrade.  This is the same rating agency that overrated junk and crap bonds not too long ago.  Now these unelected experts are exerting their muscle at the expense of American standing around the world, and it seems it was gamed from the beginning. Can presidential candidates like Ms. Bachman be seen as anything else but a traitor for her comments both before and after the debt ceiling debacle that was largely created by a republican caucus either so afraid of the tea party that they were wetting themselves or in cahoots with conservative members to enact a plan that should be the envy of the terrorist enemies we have been spending hundreds of billions of dollars to defeat?  Yes, Obama should have shown real presidential leadership and done everything in his and his staff’s power to enact the larger bargain.   He was elected to make sure that deals like the one almost struck with Boehner do not fall apart.   He was not elected to admit that he tried but failed.  So, yes, there’s blame to go around. But the blame for the present crisis must be laid at the feet of the republican party, especially the caucus that is holed up in the House, seeemingly working to make sure that Obama never gets re-elected even if the country goes down the toilet in the process.  Make no mistake: they’re not interested in restoring balance in Washington.  They’re interested in undermining American power and integrity.  Though they’re not studying war or violence, they have the same aims as the terrorists we’re fighting.  They don’t realize that.  But treason is treason.  They need to be called out for the actions they have taken and are taking.


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